Throughout our 16 years’ experience we have improved and pioneered our combined security and protection service in truly offering our clients a well deserved peace of mind. We employ all resources from our staff, equipment and vehicles and working together with the SAPS to give a combined security service. 

Lazer 911 Security specializes in the services and products as summarized below:

Although we are an aggressive and strong witted crime fighting company, we humble ourselves to our duties and responsibilities and assure our dedication and motivation in crime reduction and prevention. 
Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone: “Dedicated in serving and protecting the community”.
Our business philosophy is to fully understand and meet the exacting requirements of our clients. We do not regard ourselves as exclusively an Electronics company, rather as security specialists with the ability to design cost effective security solutions to suit each client’s particular circumstances. We place a great emphasis on developing long-term relationships based on trust and integrity and aim to establish a win-win relationship between our company and clients.
In achieving this win-win relationship, we realise that our clients have three particular needs: That we develop an in-depth understanding of their business & security requirements, That we provide solutions tailored to meet those requirements, That our level of service-delivery meets exceeds their expectations
While we maintain a knowledge base of leading-edge technology, our aim is not merely to sell “the latest and greatest” technological innovations to clients, but rather to provide long-term solutions to your individual business needs.
Due to the nature of our industry, it is not possible to give you the assurance that problems will not arise from time to time – but today’s problems are handled today!!!

Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision and mission is to provide advanced safety and security services which manifest an authentic and trustworthy ‘peace of mind’ experience to our clients in all environments and organizations.
Our continued research and development of services and solutions aim to keep abreast of crime in Southern Africa. We seek long term trust relationships with our clients and communities through our anti-crime initiatives. We are dedicated in serving and protecting our community and their possessions in collaboration with local authorities.  We have also launched a Free Emergency Service to non-clients in a bid to reduce crime. We live in a versatile country alive with possibilities. Our basic objective is to make the portions on which we live and operate safe for all. 
Principal Business Activity & Operations
Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone is primarily an electronic monitoring and armed response company. We offer first world security standards and solutions for the home, business, community and broader based organisations. We have designed our product to meet demands for ease of use employing reliable and advanced technology. We are constantly researching, upgrading and maintaining our network ensuring accurate, precise and instant electronic monitoring services to our clients.
We have pioneered dual monitoring in manning two control rooms facilitating faster processing of all alarms. Our control rooms and armed response teams are operated on a 24 hour basis. Armed response officers are trained and equipped to restore peace and order in the safest of manners. Our fleet of response vehicles boasts live satellite tracking facilities and are equipped with GPS navigation where the closest vehicle is dispatched for rapid and error free response to alarms. Response units are further monitored and guided under the watchful eye of our 24 hour control staff. 
We also provide guarding services and have tailored versatile packages to suit all requirements and events. Guards are supervised daily and electronically monitored on an hourly basis establishing a successful track record. Our choice of elite and energetic guards, coupled with our resourceful monitoring techniques, has set our guarding service well above the rest. 

Execution Capacity


At Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone we carefully select and train our staff who are eager and dedicated in protecting our clients and their possessions. We maintain a 100% competency level with all staff and their required duties. Our guards and reaction officers are fully equipped to safely handle themselves in severe environments in restoring peace and order and through experience; we have developed an integrated staff structure which supports itself under the toughest of conditions from our control room operators to the man on the field. Our staff has become accustomed to working as a team in backing up and relying on each other. Our accomplished in-house technical staff constantly maintain all equipment and alarm systems and also innovate and implement higher levels of security services. We are therefore able to offer outstanding protection and security services to our clients. 

Vehicle Fleet:

Our vehicle fleet is the face of our security force. We maintain our fleet regularly which warrants the safety of our client base and our drivers. Our vehicles are branded and designed to meet our “Visible Policing” policy and we believe that active and visible policing are the greatest crime deterrents. Equipped with GPS navigation and a continuous communication stream to our Control Room, our Response Units are sure to provide unrivalled response times. 


We utilize technologically advanced equipment which are reliably ‘tried and tested’ and maintained by our support team. Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone continues it’s investment of time and funds in constantly researching and acquiring new products and facilities in a bid to offer our clients a stable and trustworthy security experience. We take the hi-tech and provide our clients with user friendly yet robust security solutions. 

Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone is the preferred security services provider for the Hibiscus Coast Municipality. We undertake guarding, electronic monitoring, armed response, access control, CBD CCTV maintenance, alarm system maintenance enhanced and installations and a host of other security services for the Civic Centres and Town Halls, Libraries, Clinics, Museums, Fire Stations, Airports, Explosive Unit, Protection Services and various offices and structures for the Hibiscus Coast Municipality. 

We undertake monitoring, armed response, alarm installations and maintenance on a sub-contractor basis for the above national companies who have clients within our geographical area. The above is just a short list of many national companies whom we service and backup. 

Bargain Wholesalers are reputably one of the largest supermarket wholesalers and retailers in the lower KZN and Eastern Cape Area. We monitor and respond to the various companies and premises within the Bargains Group of companies. 

Our client base of many more high-profile business and individuals are an accolade which demonstrates Lazer’s expertise and enhanced services

Lazer 911 Security Port Shepstone Community Interest

At  Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone Armed Reaction we have a particular interest in the neighborhoods we serve. We therefore take real note of and attend all possible community and policing forums in and around the areas where we operate. It is an important factor in the identification of crime trends and the development, refining and implementing, of suitable pro-active new crime prevention strategies. The owner also stands as vice chairperson to the local Sector Policing Forum.
Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone Providing you with the ultimate in technology
Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone Electronic Security understands the dynamic Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) market and therefore can tailor make an integrated system to suit any commercial, industrial or retail facility.
We have the diversity to provide CCTV systems from entry level to the most complex and advanced digital systems available.
Whether the project is big or small, the same care and understanding of the clients’ needs are taken into account.

Access Control

With the broad term use of “ACCESS CONTROL’, Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone has the capability to install standard electronics barriers (booms) or online systems with proximity readers which can be linked to time and attendance.

Perimeter Protection

A range of equipment is available from electrified fencing to dual active beams. The point of intrusion along the perimeter is identified by means of zoning.

Alarm System

From the time that a consultant assesses your property to the time the installation is completed, the client will feel that the correct choice had been made. Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone makes use of multiple zone alarm systems, the more advanced of these systems is able to integrate to both Access Control and Video Recording systems. The client is consulted extensively to match their needs with the best product for their application and needs.

Service and Maintenance

Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone prides itself in the high standard of its installations. Every effort is taken to ensure that the system gives the client years of hassle-free operation. We have maintenance personnel that are on standby 24 hours a day.
A variety of comprehensive maintenance plans are available for the electronic systems supplied by us.

Quality Control

Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone is a corporate member of SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Service Association).
The main alarm linkup service to be provided will be radio alarm monitoring. Each customer who wants to make use of the service will be provided with a radio transmitter.
Lazer 911  Security Services has been on the cutting edge of security and protection services in the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal. Lazer 911  Security Services’ vast working experience in the security field qualifies us as a company of choice to provide security services for your need. Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone Services has essentially blazed the trail of other security companies to try to follow. we have set the standard in the South Coast, and clients can be assured that Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone Services will continue to lead.
At Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone Service we are driven by a single aim: to enable corporate and individuals alike to enjoy the highest level of permanent security delivered with outstanding ease of use and dependable support they can trust. The services provided are packaged to suit individual’s needs and incorporates patrolling, armed and unarmed guards, access control, VIP Protection (body guards), escorting and investigations. As such our motto is “Your Security is our Priority”.
Lazer 911 security Port Shepstone Services is a company driven by the quest for excellence. The company recognizes the variables in existence within the security industry and has the implicit goal of providing a top – class, efficient, qualitative and insightful service to our customers.