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Lazer 911 Security is primarily an electronic monitoring and armed response company. We offer first world security standards and solutions for the home, business, community and broader based organisations. We have designed our product to meet demands for ease of use employing reliable and advanced technology. We are constantly researching, upgrading and maintaining our network ensuring accurate, precise and instant electronic monitoring services to our clients.

We have pioneered dual monitoring in manning two control rooms facilitating faster processing of all alarms. Our control rooms and armed response teams are operated on a 24 hour basis. Armed response officers are trained and equipped to restore peace and order in the safest of manners. Our fleet of response vehicles boasts live satellite tracking facilities and are equipped with GPS navigation where the closest vehicle is dispatched for rapid and error free response to alarms. Response units are further monitored and guided under the watchful eye of our 24 hour control staff.

We also provide guarding services and have tailored versatile packages to suit all requirements and events. Guards are supervised daily and electronically monitored on an hourly basis establishing a successful track record. Our choice of elite and energetic guards, coupled with our resourceful monitoring techniques, has set our guarding service well above the rest.